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My wallpaper images aren't working - Zenfolio            

One of the biggest mistakes we've seen with this issue is the actual Zenfolio website address entered in the user's profile section. Either the Zenfolio address was entered incorrectly or the full address was entered. Even if you use your own custom address for your Zenfolio account, your actual Zenfolio address must be entered here.  

For example: if your address is set as: for users to go to your Zenfolio address, your Zenfolio address, is still active. To obtain your actual website address, log in to your Zenfolio account and click on preferences.  The first option will show your Zenfolio address. Don't change anything in preferences. Just add the address (user name) without the "http://" and the "" in your profile.  

Check your Group/Gallery access

Your My Proofs group may be set to private, which is correct, but the galleries and group inside your My Proofs group must be set to public.  To check this, open your My Proofs group you setup in your Zenfolio account, if your galleries or groups have lock icons on them, they must be set to public or unlocked. Passwords cannot be used on wallpaper galleries.

To remove privacy, click to highlight the gallery or group, scroll down to the Access Control panel on the bottom right of your screen, and uncheck the Same as Containing group and select public.  

Check Client Access Codes/Friendly URLs 

Be sure you entered the correct access code for each device gallery, or portfolio group.

iPad: wallipad
Phone: walliphone
Portfolio: my_portfolio

Visitor Sign In

You can now set Visitor Sign In to individual galleries and groups.  With the gallery or group selected, scroll down to the bottom right of your screen and turn off Visitor Sign In for your My Proofs wallpaper galleries and Portfolio group.  

API Access      

Be sure you have API access turned on in your Zenfolio account. 

My wallpaper images aren't working - Google+            

The only setting for your Google+ account is your Google+ email address and password. Check your My Proofs profile to be sure you added these correctly. Log in to your My Proofs app from your mobile device. The Photographer Login is located at the top right of the app's splash screen, or through settings while in the app. Click the Setup icon located on right side of the main menu bar and select App Setup. Click each device and select a gallery from your Google+ galleries.  

Be sure to review the setup video for more details on the Google+ setup process.  

My Menu Bar logo/text isn't working             

First check your website profile section "App Design Elements" to be sure that "Add Logo/Text to Bottom Menu" has been selected (Yes). Next check that you have either the text checked and have entered text, or that logo is selected and you have uploaded a logo. Be sure to click Update Profile when done. 

If your logo isn't visable, check your logo file carefully. It must be exactly 350x165 @72 dpi and exported as a PNG-24 transparent file. In Photoshop, click Save for web and select these options for export. 

My Proofs


How much does it cost for My Proofs apps?             

My Proofs is $129.99 per year or $12.99 per month and includes an Android, iPad and iPhone app to share with your customers. Pricing is not event- or image-based; it includes unlimited events and images.

Can I have my own icon for the app?             

WebApps offer custom icons or your own branded icon. This is not an option for the My Proofs native apps. However, once your customer logs in for the first time, My Proofs always open as your own branded app from that moment on.

Can customers order from the app?             

My Proofs apps were designed to be professional proofing apps and a marketing tool for professional photographers. They are not designed for placing print orders as it does not make sense for customers to make large print order purchases from a 4" mobile phone screen.

We have added favorites for customers to share their selections with you directly from the app via email. There are also direct links to the gallery or images of Zenfolio-hosted images for customers to purchase images.

Can my customers share my apps, their images or galleries?             

There are three options for your customers to share.

1. While viewing a gallery in thumbnail view, sharing is available via email, with everything needed for the receiver to download your app and view the gallery, including the gallery password if required.

2. When viewing images, sharing is available through email or Facebook, including a thumbnail of the image being viewed and a link to your gallery.

3. Your app can also be shared from the main menu through email or SMS Text message.

Can I update the look of my app or change my information?             

Yes. Updates can be made at any time and as often as you like. Updates go live instantly. When changing email, website, social media links and phone, the user will need to log out and reopen the app for the changes to take effect. Changing these items should be done only if absolutely necessary.

Do I have to have a Zenfolio account to use My Proofs?              

No. My Proofs works with a free Google+ account as well. Although the benefits of a Zenfolio account are great, and any level of Zenfolio account will work, a Google+ account also offers most of the same functions as Zenfolio-hosted images.

Can I keep my galleries private on a Google+ account?             

Yes. Google+ hosted galleries are private unless you set them to share. Both private and public galleries can be added to your My Proofs apps in seconds.

Do I have to resize images before uploading?             

No. Both Zenfolio and Google+ will take care of resizing for you.

Can I watermark my images?             

Yes. Watermarking in Zenfolio is done directly from within your Zenfolio account and can be changed at any time.


Can I have more than one gallery on my WebApp?             

Not at this time.  Only one gallery can be displayed on a WebApp.

Can images from multiple galleries be used in a WebApp?             

No, only images from a single gallery can be added to a single WebApp.  To use images from multiple galleries, create a new gallery specifically for your WebApp and add the images you want included into the new gallery.

My WebApp link is not working.             

The most common cause of a link not working (not accessible) is from the use of special characters in the WebApp name.  When naming your WebApp, use only alpha-numeric characters.  The use of special characters like , ' " & / : * etc will cause the link not to work correctly.

My name / logo does not appear on my WebApps.             

Make sure you have uploaded your WebApp logo or set the text in your profile.  Go to and select LoIn at the top right of the screen.  Under Manage Your Account, scroll down and click on the App Design Elements tab.  Here you can upload your WebApp logo.

Be sure your WebApp logo is no more than 1200px @72dpi and saved to a .png format.

Can images from multiple galleries be used in a WebApp?             

No, only images from a single gallery can be added to a single WebApp.  To use images from multiple galleries, create a new gallery specifically for your WebApp and add the images you want included into the new gallery.

My video is not working in my WebApp.             

WebApp videos use a portion of the embed code, not the website link or share link.  The embed code will look like this:   <iframe width="560" height="336" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>. The red highlight area is what is added to your WebApp setup to include your video.

This is the same for YouTube and Zenfolio videos being added.

Can I use password protected galleries in WebApps?             

Yes, password protected galleries will work in your WebApps.  Your viewers will be asked to enter the gallery password to view.