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My Proofs Private Label Apps - Request Form

Only current users of My Proofs apps are eligible for the My Proofs Private Label Apps. Please fill out this form completely. You will be contacted as soon as we review your request and check your current My Proofs app for correct set up and content. Although Android will accept most apps submitted, Apple will review the quality and content of your images before approving your app. They have and will reject apps with poor quality content.

My Proofs Private Label App includes Android Phone app, iPhone (iPod) and iPad apps. Setup and first year of service: $229 Annual and each additional year is $129.  Apple developer account and Android developer account fees are not included and must be paid directly to Apple and Android.

Private Label

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  • Do you currently have an Apple iOS Developer Account
  • Do you currently have an Android Developer Account
  • You must have your own Apple iOS Developer Account to have your own Private Label My Proofs app, but you can use the My Proofs Android Developer account if you don't want to setup your own.