Custom customer WebApps are a powerful marketing tool and a great digital business card for professional photographers. The My Proofs WebApps are designed with the look and feel of a native mobile app, with the primary focus on you and your images.

The quality and advanced functions of the My Proofs' WebApp are apparent from the moment they are opened. And with two types of WebApps, downloadable or standard, you can choose how you want your work delivered.

Advanced Design

There are downloadable websites, and then there are WebApps. With fully functional menus and a native app feel, these apps will be downloaded, shared and stay on your customers devices.

Your main menu allows your customers (and all of their friends and family they shared their app with) to connect with you by phone, email, website, text and social media. A separate Share menu makes sharing your custom created app easy through social media, email and text messaging.

The image view menu provides direct sharing with social media, without having to leave the gallery.

Creating Apps

Custom apps are created from galleries that are already on your My Proofs app, through your Google Drive / Google+, Picasa or Zenfolio account; so there's no need for additional uploads. Open any gallery on your app, tap Create WebApp, and in seconds your new app is ready to share. Upload images to your free Google+ account and create apps live from anywhere!

Select your cover image, icon image, and gallery images that are included in your app. Create a downloadable app that can be stored on your customers device or select the standard WebApp that can be updated live. Update images, add or delete images and every change will be visible the next time your client opens their app!  


The features you want

The dynamic thumbnail view displays your images as you intended, with no extra steps required for cropping or alignment. Add a video to your app from YouTube or Vimeo for even more impact!

For your marketing program, your visitor emails will be saved for you and you can see your visitor view count.

My Proofs WebApps offer more features and integration than any other service available, and they're included free in the My Proofs app! Even with all of the incredible features and free WebApps, My Proofs apps are still only half the price of any other service that offers WebApps alone. Click below to send yourself an email link to a sample WebApp.

Sample WebApp