My Proofs WebApps

Log In to My Proofs

To use the My Proofs WebApps, you must be logged into your app as the photographer. To log in, either touch the Photographer Login at the top right corner of the app screen, or select Settings from within the app and touch Photographer Login.

Creating a WebApp

Open any gallery available on your My Proofs app and, while in thumbnail view, select Create WebApp at the top of the screen.

Note: WebApps use information from your profile section for design and functions, so be sure to add this information and upload your artwork for your WebApp to work correctly.

Enter an app name and select your icon. You can create a custom icon from an image in your gallery, or use the default icon you uploaded to your profile.

Set your app's background color. Currently only black or white is available.

Request Visitor Email. This function will require all new visitors to your new WebApp to enter their email before viewing the images. This feature provides you with an invaluable marketing opportunity, and adds each customer to your apps Studio Client List. Why is this so important? It activates each user for the Auto Login feature. Learn more about this here.

Now Create your WebApp!

After creating your new WebApp, touch the Send Test button and enter your email. This will send an email with the app link so you can test the app.

Managing your WebApps

From your main app screen, open the main menu and touch WebApps. This will display all of the WebApps you have created. From here you can view your WebApp visitor stats and all of the visitor emails, if the Request Email option was selected. You can email the WebApp to clients from here as well. Find the WebApp you want to manage and swipe to open or just touch the round icon. 

To send a WebApp email link to a customer, you must first add them to your email list. Select New Email, enter their email address and touch Create. The new email will appear in your email list. Now select the emails you want to send the link to and send. 

WebApp Logo

Your WebApp Logo (located above your thumbnails) sized at 870 x 250 Maximum should be a transparent .PNG file. This will allow the best possible look for a black or white selected background when creating your apps.

WebApp Links

Be sure your social media links are entered correctly.

Particularly your Facebook link. Your Facebook link should be entered exactly like this (replacing "myproofs" with your own address)
Notice that the http does not include the secure "s" and there is no www on the address.