A Referral Program that works!

Referrals are the most powerful advertising for a photography business. Almost 90% of new business comes from referrals for established photographers. However, great images, the promise of a free 8x10, and a handful of referral cards won't cut it.


Customers rarely search their pockets or handbags for your referral cards when they run into a friend who is looking for a photographer. In most cases, those referral cards are sitting in a drawer, on a dresser, or in a recycle bin back at your customer's house.


That’s why it’s necessary to create a referral program that benefits your customer and your potential client. Here’s a triple incentive for your customers to actually make the referral. Offer your client a $50 print credit for any referrals they send your way, and let them know that their newly referred customer(s) will receive a $25 credit toward their sitting fee or prints. With this incentive, both customers will get something they will use, and they feel great about being able to offer their friends and family a discount. And, in turn, they build loyalty with you.  


So now that you have a solid referral program, you want to:


·     make sure your customers always have your referral card.

·     track your referral program for incentive reimbursement.

·     follow up with referrals, even if they don't contact you.


The solution is simple: My Proofs WebApps! Creating a custom WebApp for your customers is a great add-on, not only because your customers will love it, but also because it provides great marketing for you. These WebApps should not be considered a novelty, as they have been developed to be professional apps for you, for your customers.  


To your customer, it will look and feel like their own app that was developed just for them; with their very own icon, app name, and featured images. But, as you can see, when the app is opened, it’s all about you! Each of these custom WebApps display your work, links to your contact information, your website, and your social media pages—all presented on beautifully functional menus. They have the look and feel of native apps keeping them on your customers’ phones.


So, by adding a few items to your WebApp, it becomes the perfect referral system and electronic referral card for you! First, make the last image in your gallery "the offer" telling them to show the app to you when they come into the studio to receive $25 toward your sitting fee or prints.


Then be sure to select the Request Visitor Email option when you create your apps. This serves two purposes: 1) You can track your customer referrals right from your My Proofs app, and 2) You can follow up on referrals yourself, even if they don't contact you.  "Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves and invite you to take advantage of our offer from Jane Smith's app for $25 off your sitting fee".


Since nobody leaves home without his or her phone these days, you’ve guaranteed that your customers will always have your referral card with them, with your WebApps.


You also have a way to track whom your customers are sharing their app with. The emails entered to view WebApps are stored under each WebApp's management page, and you can send emails to each WebApp visitor. They already have your app including your images on their phones.  


Photographers who are already using My Proofs absolutely love it! You will too

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