My Proofs WebApps are a beautiful way to present images to clients, offer an amazing incentive and add-on to packages, or present yourself and your work to clients. Creating WebApps with My Proofs is done through your existing galleries (upload once and done) right from your mobile device. There is no need to be stuck behind a computer to create an app and it only takes seconds.

Custom Apps for Customers

Standard WebApps

While offering a custom app to your customers as an inventive bonus for larger package purchases or as a stand-alone add-on is a great idea, what about the customers you just want to share proofs with? Of course My Proofs is the perfect app for this, but you can also proof through a custom WebApp.

With other WebApps that only allow you to create downloadable WebApps, this is not the best option. Why give your customer all,the best images from their session for proofing before they purchase?  Our apps give you two options: Standard or Downloadable WebApps. 

Unlike the typical downloadable WebApp, standard WebApps do not save the images to the user's device. The app and custom icon are still added to the customer's device screen, but each time they view their images they need to be loaded from your gallery.  Wait until they make a purchase before allowing them to download and keep these images forever!

Standard WebApps are also not restricted to 40 images or less either.  You can have up to 100 images inside a standard WebApp! 

Downloadable WebApps

Downloadable apps also have custom icons and names and are 100% branded as your own app.  Once added to the user's device and downloaded, they can enjoy their images with of without WiFi connection for a lifetime!

Downloadable WebApps allow you to select up to 40 of the best images from your gallery and in just a few seconds send your customer their very own app. No matter where you are at, you can create a WebApp in seconds.

Studio Promotional Apps

With your own studio icon added to your account, you can create target market apps in seconds right from your own portfolios! Why send a wedding client samples of your commercial work to view? Create specific portfolio apps for each of your specialties. And since they are saved right in your My Proofs app, they are always right at your finger tips wherever and whenever you need them! 

Met a prospective client that is getting married and has a business looking for commercial photography? No problem, create an app tailored to his/her needs right on the spot in seconds.  It's just that simple.

With your WebApp's full menu, providing all of your contact information just a touch away, and another menu just for sharing your app, your apps will be the perfect digital business card. 

Stats Plus

Check how well your WebApp is doing right from your My Proofs app. You can see the number of visitors and, if you selected the email option, see who your WebApps have reached. The request email function will collect all of the log-in emails from each person who visited!

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