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  • November 04, 2013
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My Proofs Design Update

It is always exciting when we add new features to the app, but this update has something great for everyone! The first and most obvious change is the addition of a new theme, "Light". With a clean white look, this theme allows you to size and place your logo anywhere on the Wallpaper screen. The bottom menu bar and menu buttons have also been updated to match this clean, fresh look.

New features in this update:

· New theme option "Light"
· Updated design for a cleaner look
· iOS7 design updates
· Live Events Galleries
· All new app link for your customers

Like the current look of your app? Not to worry, our current design is set as the default theme. But if you want to try the new look, just log into your app and select the Light theme under settings.

The Events Gallery update is a fabulous new feature that will allow you to set a live gallery to an active event. What does this mean to you? Currently, adding an event will allow customers to download your app at an event, and be automatically logged into your app (no photographer name needed), and register for the event that they are attending. Remember, events don't just have to be weddings or sporting events, but can be a simple portrait session in your studio.

When an event is live, tapping the event without a live gallery will display a popup message saying the gallery is not ready to view. Now, with the live gallery feature, tapping the event will display a gallery even when the event is still live. For a portrait session, you can add an image saying "Your images will be available soon." Or for a wedding, why not show the couples engagement photos? And you can still leave the gallery field blank, displaying the "We will contact you when your images are available." popup.

Whether you offer a Photo Booth service or shoot events and upload images from the event, this new live gallery feature is especially exciting!
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