Sharing starts with you.


My Proofs has sharing built in. There are many ways to share your apps with your customers, but telling them about your app should be a priority even if they don't have a recent session of proofs to view! 


If you have a new or existing gallery to share with a customer, the easiest way to share is right from the app. Open your app and enter your customer's gallery, in thumbnail view or while viewing a full image, and touch the Share button on the bottom menu bar and enter your customer's email address. Everything your customer needs is already added to the email.  And you can add a personal message as well.


The email contains:


A link to your app. This auto-detect link will detect their device (Android, iPhone or iPad) and automatically direct them to the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store to download the app. 


Your Photographer Name. If their email is not already entered in your Studio Client List for automatic log in to your app (see auto log in here) your customer will enter your photographer name to transform the My Proofs app branding to your own. 


The galley name and password. The clients gallery name and, if required, the gallery password are included in the share email as well. Direct access to their gallery just makes viewing their proofs a more personal and enjoyable experience, without ever having to search.


What's so great about this share feature is it is exactly how your customers will be sharing your apps (their images) with all of their family and friends. 


The new App Share feature directly accessible from the main menu is great for sharing your app with everyone and anyone. Even if they don't currently have profs to view, they can still view your portfolio and your wallpaper images which may include your studio promotions, featured images, your contact information, or even a map to your studio, depending on what you've decided to include. With the same auto-detect device, App Store link, and log in information already included in the message, you can now share your apps via email or SMS text messages.


Share on Facebook. When viewing a full image in any gallery, touch the share button on the bottom menu and a small thumbnail of the current image and a link to your gallery will be ready to post on your wall or your customer's wall. 



Share with the masses!


Do you have a client list you want to share your apps with? We made this as simple as possible, too. The auto-detect link works like a charm. Just send an email to your clients, post to your social media sites, or text the address: and include your photographer name. 


Download my app here and enter your photographer name. That's all you need!

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