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This incredible new Photoshop Action will save you countless hours of time! Preview your cover image and see just how it will look on all three major social media sites and their mobile devices and apps! Then use the one click action to export your cover images sized for each social media site!

Due to the downloadable nature of this product, there are no refunds. All sales are final. Sharing and copying are prohibited and against copyright laws. This is a Photoshop tested action and is only tested on the Photoshop platform.  We have not tested this on PS Elements.

Two amazing products in one - Social media timeline cover photo preview and photoshop action.

Preview your timeline cover photo directly in the Photoshop template for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to see how it will look on your customers' computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Design your cover photo exactly as you do now to use in the template action.

Your Social Media Timeline Cover Photo is your "first-impression" on social media and a powerful marketing tool.  Unfortunately, the amazing cover photos many photographers create are viewed on mobile devices, not on computer screens. With just a few design changes, your cover photo can look just as appealing on mobile devices as it does on the computer!

Our template was designed to allow you to design, preview and export your cover photos for the perfect look, all at the same. Simply place your timeline cover design in the template, adjust the design for the best look on all devices, then click the play action to export the correct size image for Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. 

It doesn't matter if you only use just one or all social media sites, having the preview template will make cover photo creation a simple and quick process.  Don't let your great first impression look bad to the millions of mobile social media users. 

Not concerned with mobile? Here is a recent test we did to see who is visiting our page on mobile devices vs. computer! It is overwhelmingly mobile views.  Desktop Computer Views 274  ·  Mobile Device Views 9,857

If you receive an error saving the images you may have changed something in the action. Delete the action from Photoshop Actions palette and reload the Action.  If you still have an issue with saving, your version of Photoshop may not support the action.  To fix the issue in Photoshop versions that support the action, watch the video below.

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